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About Hoang Ha Hotel

Hoang Ha hotel is located in the heart of Cua Lo Town, 6 floors with 37 luxurious rooms, standard hotel 2 stars + +

Khách sạn Cửa Lò
Panorama hotel

6-story hotel has 37 rooms with large baby, which has three large rooms for families of people, each room has 3 large double bed (1m6), in rooms with full amenities such as air conditioners, refrigerators, TV ... There are four 1 bed single room (1m6) 2 double rooms and 30 beds (1m6), all rooms are equipped with the same (television, air conditioning, refrigerator ...).  

Khách sạn Cửa Lò

3-bedroom hotel bed

Located on the 1st floor reception room and a restaurant of the hotel, restaurant service staff, professional chef team has many years' experience can be processed foods attractive to visitors especially the seafood dishes, besides the reception staff, room and protection enthusiastic customers.

Khách sạn Cửa Lò
Hotel reception

The hotel also has services to customers such as breakfast, cafe ... Besides, there are other services to visitors traveling in and out of place the town at the request of the customer. Hoang Ha hotel is always working with the criterion "Customer is God."  

Khách sạn Cửa Lò

Hotel dining room

We are honored to serve you this summer 2011.

Contact phone number for hotels: 0383.956.777 - Fax: 0383.956.588

Hotline: 0935.761.666

Address: No 8 Ngang road - Cua Lo town - Nghe An province
Tel: 0383.956.777 - Fax: 0383.956.588 - Hotline: 0937.599.666
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